Great Summer Programs for Children with Autism

School is almost out for summer. This doesn’t mean that your child will need to be at home all summer. There are many summer programs, activities, and events that are designed for children with autism in mind.

Before looking at fun activities and programs, however, be sure to talk with your child’s therapist. They may have some great summer programs that could be a great option.

Summer School and Therapy

Many autism and ASD programs don’t follow a typical school schedule. If your child attends a school or clinic that offers year-round care and therapy, see what they offer.

Before signing up for any summer school or therapy plans, however, you may want to ask a few questions:

  • Will my child have the same instructor or teacher?
  • Are the hours the same?
  • What differences are there between summer & school year programs?
  • Is the program the same?
  • Is the provider (both for teachers & insurance) the same?

Of course, these questions may not be necessary if your child attends a year-round school or clinic. Always be sure that year-round schools offer the same services in summer–changes could lead to some behavioral hiccups.

Events & Festivals

We’ll preface this by saying that larger events are not for every child with autism. Big crowds and big noises can lead to sensory discomfort that could easily be avoided by not attending specific events (like music festivals or sporting events).

With that said, there are tons of events that go on locally every summer. Things like:

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Arts & crafts events
  • Outdoor sales
  • Certain areas or events at county fairs

Be sure that your child is OK with any expected noises or other sensory overloads that could be present at a given event. If you are unsure what an event entails or how big the expected crowd is, call the event organizer. Some events may have safe areas or activities specifically designed for children with autism.

Fun Summer Activities at Home

Of course, you can always set up some great summer activities for your child in their favorite comfort zone–home. If you child shows interest in specific types of activities, the following list may get you started towards creating some amazing activities:

  • Camping (not necessarily overnight–tents and sleeping bags are fun any time)
  • “Pool” days (inflatable pools, sprinklers, etc)
  • Picnic days (help with packing the picnic and eating in the yard)
  • Art activity days (coloring, painting, chalk, play-doh, etc)
  • Rainy day reading or movies (snacks & entertainment)

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg. If your child has interests or loves activities that aren’t on this chart… find a way to incorporate them into their summer schedule!

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