IABA Consultants Company Overview

IABA is a growing company with locations in Castle Rock, Denver, Chicago and Naperville. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals.

IABA Positions

There are many people involved behind the scenes with IABA, but here is a look at some of the positions that work directly with clients and their families.

Clinical Director/Supervisor: Ensures quality outcomes for clients as defined by company and industry standards. Clinical directors supervise regional operations & intake and maintain a supportive work environment. A clinical supervisor has a bigger caseload and directly supervises BCBAs and RBTs in their region, as well as miscellaneous projects that directly impact BCBAs.

BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst): Involved in development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions, as well as supervising the in-home program and clinic services.

LRT (Lead Regional Therapist): Responsible for training new RBTs, supports a team of BCBAs, and ensure clients receive direct therapy hours within their region when other staff need to cancel sessions due to illness.

PM (Program Manager): A BCBA who is working toward certification.

Clinic Instructor: Runs a classroom setting in an all-day ABA Clinic for children aged two and a half to six years of age. Responsible for creating a preschool-like setting to prepare autistic children for general education.

Intake Coordinator: Is in direct contact with families about the intake process and provides information about IABA services.

Scheduler: Communicates new scheduling policies to all clients.

Billing Specialist: Responsible for supporting families with insurance, billing, and authorization questions.

Current Job Posts
IABA is often looking for quality employees to join our experienced team. You can find current open positions here.

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