ABA Clinics

For young autistic children (18 months to five years of age), research supports ABA therapy as the best and most effective treatment when provided in a clinic-based setting. IABA’s clinics foster an environment where children can grow and learn. ABA therapy is the only evidence-based practice for treating autistic children. Young children with 20-40 hours per week of dedicated treatment are positioned to live happy and productive lives.

In addition to the one-on-one work done with each child, each of our clinics provides a preschool setting. Working with children in a group environment provides socialization opportunities where children can learn to play with each other under a teacher’s guidance. Each young learner in our clinic acquires skills with their one-on-one registered behavior technician, then learns to apply those skills with their friends.

At IABA, we structure our sessions to model that of a standard preschool day, alongside any individual programming. All clients are paired with a one-on-one therapist to ensure they receive undivided attention and instruction.

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