Children’s ASD Services

Children’s Services

IABA provides services for children and adults. Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We are committed to providing each child with the tools they need to succeed.

ABA Services Provided

IABA understands the importance of ABA therapy being used to help children with autism.

We offer the following services for children:

  • Intensive ABA Therapy: These services are for children who need 20 or more hours of therapy a week in order to have the best chance of acquiring new skills and lessening any negative behaviors. We recommend this therapy for children who are under five years old and for children who have significant behavior problems or significant delays in their learning. Family involvement is required to ensure skills learned in session are demonstrated outside of session.
  • Non-Intensive ABA Therapy: These services are for children who need less than 20 hours of therapy per week in order to be successful. The number of hours your child will need in order to make progress will be determined by our BCBA. Again, family involvement is required.
  • Individualized Assessments: These assessments are conducted by our BCBAs and program masters. The assessments we create are based on the goals of the family and the milestones of their child, including play, language, daily living, and academic and social skills. If a child is exhibiting behaviors that are a danger for themselves or to others, an assessment will be created to recommend a treatment plan to decrease their problem behaviors.
  • Individualized ABA Programming: Every one of our programs is completely unique, because every one of our clients is unique. Each of our client’s programs is customized and will begin at their current skill level. We have several different programs, including Precision Teaching, Discrete Trial Training and Naturalistic Trial Training. Each of our programs is reviewed on a daily basis and goals are determined based on the client’s progress.
  • Weekly Overlaps with BCBA and/or Program Manager: In order to fully determine your child’s progress, our BCBA needs to monitor them in action. In addition to reviewing data, our BCBA will meet with clients each week to ensure that the program is tailored exactly to the rate at which the child is progressing.
  • Parent Training: Parent involvement is crucial and is a requirement for all of our programs. If a child is learning new skills with one of our staff, but the parent has not seen the new skill, then the skill has not truly been mastered. There are monthly family meetings in which the family learns about the skills their child has mastered and new goals are set. The family also receives training on how to help their child continue to work on skills at home. If a child has a Behavior Intervention Program (BIP) to decrease problem behaviors, the family is required to attend training and implement the BIP outside of session time.