ABA Services In Naperville, Illinois

Alternative to Preschool Program Clinic Services

    Instructional ABA Consultants (IABA) is proud to offer an Alternative to Preschool Program at our Autism Clinic for early learners ages 18 months to 5 years of age. Our program runs for a half day to compliment current  half day preschool programs for children attending their district program or serves as an alternative to preschool for students not enrolled in preschool.
    During their day children each have an individual ABA therapist and are paired with a peer buddy to work on social skills.  Our BCBA’s follow the CDC guidelines for early childhood development to help their clients meet developmental guidelines.  Parents are required to participate in training to ensure skills learned at the clinic are transferred to the family.  To find out more follow the link below:


Home-Based ABA Therapy In Naperville

    Instructional ABA Consultants (IABA) has been an industry leader in home-based services for the past five years at our Naperville location. Our home-based sessions are scheduled around the availability of our clients to best suite the family schedule.
    IABA does not have a session minimum believing this is a financial decision of other ABA companies and firmly stands behind clinically recommending the appropriate number of hours a child needs to be successful in ABA therapy.  Likewise, IABA believes that every child is unique and uses the science of ABA to customize every treatment plan.
    Our BCBA’s use Precision Teaching as the foundation for programming and incorporate DTT, NTT, and naturalist instruction to ensure their clients are learning every day.  Families must be committed to training and meet with their team monthly to ensure skills learned in session transfer to the family.  To find out more follow the link below:

Home Based Services

Adult ABA Services In Naperville


    Instructional ABA Consultants (IABA) is not only committed to serving clients across funding sources, we are committed to serving across ages. Our adult services are provided at organizations who support individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, and chronic mental illness.
    Our BCBA’s work alongside the treatment team of their clients to reduce problem behaviors, increase adaptive behaviors, and to ensure the individual supported is living their fullest life possible.  IABA specializes in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) creating systems, in addition to individual behavior plans, to support the agency in implementing best practice for the individuals they serve.  To find out more follow the link below:

Adult Services