ABA Therapy Red Flags (Part 2)

ABA therapy is the only evidence-based ASD therapy, but the treatment only works if it is done with care. Not all ABA service providers are the same. How can you tell if your child’s treatment is being conducted correctly?

There are some red flags you can look for if you feel your child is not progressing or benefitting from ABA therapy. The points we are going to talk about won’t cover everything, but they will cover some of the most easily observable ABA therapy red flags. 

We have split this article into two parts, as we want to mention why these red flags can be harmful and what you can do to notice them. Click here for part 1.

Not Listening

Every parent has concerns about their children. ASD parents usually have more things to be concerned about. If you have voiced specific major concerns to your child’s ABA provider without an acceptable response, you may need to rethink things.

By voicing major concerns we are talking about lack of progress, not sharing enough information, billing too many hours etc. These are things that should be addressed as soon as possible. Smaller concerns may slip through the cracks so you may need to repeat them in order to ensure they are taken seriously.

If all of your concerns go unaddressed by an ABA therapy provider, it may be time to look for a new one.

Only Using a Few ABA Therapy Techniques

Relying on a small pool of ABA therapy treatments and techniques can lead to a poorly developed program. If you notice your child is being treated with the same methods all the time, you may need to look at their overall program.

Some programs may focus on a small number of treatments for a set period of time, so be sure to ask when or if the program will change or progress. Your child’s ABA therapist should have a good answer why certain treatment methods are or aren’t being used.

All children with ASD are different, so be sure not to question a treatment program after a short amount of time. Have a discussion with your ABA provider to learn about the program that was designed for your child.

Templated ABA Therapy Programs

Similar to only using a few aba therapy methods, templated programs can be a major red flag for ABA programs. Every child with ASD is different and requires a different approach tailored to their strengths and needs.

This red flag can be seen relatively early in selecting an ASD treatment program or clinic. If you are presented with a brochure of programs or therapy ‘packages’ mentioned in a consultation, you need to really look at what is being offered.

In order to get the most out of ABA therapy, each child needs a custom-built program. ABA programs built on general needs will not help each child enough to address specific behaviors and needs.

ABA Therapy from IABA Consultants

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