Unusual Interests and Behaviors For Children with autism spectrum disorders

Children with ASD typically have unusual interests or behaviors.

    These can include:

  • Becoming very upset by a minor change
  • Being extremely organized
  • Consistently playing with toys in the same way every type
  • Flapping their hands, rocking their body or spinning in a circle
  • Having obsessive interests
  • Lining up toys or other objects
  • Needing to follow certain routines

When a child has ASD, they usually are most successful when they have a consistent routine. If there is a change to their normal routine, it can cause them to become very upset and they may have a temper tantrum. Some children may have a certain routine that comes across as being unnecessary or unusual, but if the child is not able to follow this routine, it can cause them to feel frustrated and they may throw a temper tantrum.