How to Obtain Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy

Instructional ABA Consultants understand that a big concern for families is managing or obtaining coverage for your child’s therapy.  We are here to help you understand your benefits or obtain coverage if you do not currently have it.

In the past 10 years, Autism Speaks and other advocates have worked hard, and as a result, 46 states have now passed Autism Mandate Laws.  Each state has slight variances, but for the most part, these mandates guarantee insurance coverage for ABA therapy for families who have a fully insured, private insurance policy.  Families that have a large employer self-funded policy are not included by this mandate however, and therefore are left without coverage for ABA therapy.  Again, IABA is dedicated to helping families without coverage navigate alternative funding sources.

ASD Coverage For Your Child

If this is the case for your family, there are a few options available.  The family can choose to either purchase a separate insurance policy for their child that follows the mandate or they can advocate to their employer.

In Colorado, a state IABA services, Medicaid insurance now pays for ABA therapy.  Your child does not need to hold an autism diagnosis to receive ABA therapy, instead their pediatrician can prescribe ABA for a range of developmental delays and behavioral concerns.  IABA is working within the state of Illinois, and encourage parents, to advocate for ABA coverage on Medicaid insurance.  Currently in Illinois accepts HBS Funding through PUNS services to support children without any insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage For ASD In Illinois

It is important to first call and ABA provider to ensure you ask the right questions before purchasing a policy to gain ABA coverage. If you would like to purchase a policy, you can visit or you can contact a local insurance agent.