Early Intervention Services

Research supports and many families are aware that early intervention services yield the best outcome for children with development delays.  With the rise of autism it is increasingly important to distinguish the type of early childhood intervention as it is not a one size fits all service.  Early intervention services range from Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Therapy, Developmental Therapy, and ABA Therapy.  Early intervention signifies the age of the child when they receive the therapy and not the specific type of therapy the child receives as the type of early intervention a child needs is specific to their delay.

Early ABA Intervention Programs

To date ABA therapy is the only evidence-based therapy and early intervention service for children with autism.  While children with autism will benefit from various early intervention services it is crucial they also receive ABA therapy at least 20 hours per week.  State early invention services, while important, do not replace early intervention (birth-3 years of age) ABA therapy for children with autism.   If a child is showing signs of autism but has not been formally diagnosed it is important to take them for a screening with their pediatrician.  Once a diagnosis is given funding paths for ABA, though varied per state, are opened.